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Note :
  • Please ensure that you take the printout (2 copies) of the Admit Card, affix your photograph on them and carry with you at the test venue. No entry at the test venue shall allowed without the Admit Card.
  • This Admit Card must be presented for verification along with at least one original (not photocopy or scanned copy) valid photo identification proof submitted at the time of application (PAN card/ Aadhaar-UID / Driving License / Passport etc).
  • Applicant who have applied for multiple positions within same position level (Dy. CEO / Project Manager / Project Executive / ExecutiveAssistant) have to undergo common Assessment for each position level hence being issued one Application Roll No.

Candidate Code Candidate Name Roll No.
OLM17CND2309 Mr Akash Chandra Baboo 20172309
OLM17CND2151 Mrs Amrita Das 20172151
OLM17CND2603 Mrs Ishanee Preetinanda 20172603
OLM17CND2530 Mr Kailash Chandra Mohanty 20172530
OLM17CND1752 Mrs Kalyani Sen 20171752
OLM17CND1375 Mr Madan Mohan Mohanty 20171375
OLM17CND0525 Ms Rashmita Kumari Maharana 20170525
OLM17CND0549 Mr Mahendra Kumar Thakur 20170549
OLM17CND1400 Mr Mahesh Prasad Hotta 20171400
OLM17CND0533 Mr Mahendra Kumar Panda 20170533
OLM17CND0614 Mr Mahima Prasad Sahoo 20170614
OLM17CND1004 Ms Rutuparna Swain 20171004
OLM17CND0939 Mr Malaya Kumar Dalpati 20170939
OLM17CND1489 Mr Susanta Kumar Malik 20171489
OLM17CND0872 Mr Ananta Kumar Mallick 20170872
OLM17CND1207 Mr Souvagya Ranjan Mallick 20171207
OLM17CND2254 Mrs Mamata Nayak 20172254
OLM17CND2571 Ms Kumari Mamta Pareda 20172571
OLM17CND0854 Mr Nihad Ali Manalody 20170854
OLM17CND2505 Mr Manas Kumar Senapati 20172505
OLM17CND1658 Mr Manas Sarangi 20171658
OLM17CND1189 Ms Manasi Kumari Sahoo 20171189
OLM17CND2296 Mr Manash Kumar Behera 20172296
OLM17CND1996 Mr Manas Ranjan Mishra 20171996
OLM17CND0820 Mr Manas Ranjan Padhi 20170820
OLM17CND0597 Mr Manas Ranjan Panigrahi 20170597
OLM17CND2029 Mr Mangal Kumar Sah 20172029
OLM17CND1644 Mrs Manisha Mali 20171644
OLM17CND0865 Mr Manoj Kumar Nayak 20170865
OLM17CND0514 Mr Manoranjan Samal 20170514
OLM17CND1428 Mr Tuku Mantri 20171428
OLM17CND0436 Ms Manusmita Rout 20170436
OLM17CND1136 Ms Archisna Maharana 20171136
OLM17CND0750 Mr Susanta Kumar Mishra 20170750
OLM17CND0532 Mr Ashok Kumar Maurya 20170532
OLM17CND2190 Mr Bijay Kumar Meher 20172190
OLM17CND0128 Mr Manguli Charan Nayak 20170128
OLM17CND0264 Mr Md Sajid 20170264
OLM17CND0314 Mr Manasa Ranjan Dash 20170314
OLM17CND1472 Mr Anand Kumar Singhdeo 20171472
OLM17CND1393 Ms Meenakshi Chhatoi 20171393
OLM17CND1031 Mrs Meenakshi Nayak 20171031
OLM17CND2113 Mrs Gouri Priyadarsini Das 20172113
OLM17CND2075 Mr Mihir Kanta Kumar 20172075
OLM17CND1832 Mr Millan Kumar Sasamal 20171832
OLM17CND1333 Ms Minarva Dash 20171333
OLM17CND1323 Ms Sushree Pratyasha Mishra 20171323
OLM17CND2341 Mrs Rajashree Mishra 20172341
OLM17CND0358 Mr Sukanta Kumar Mishra 20170358
OLM17CND0839 Mr Rakesh Mishra 20170839
OLM17CND1306 Mr Tapan Kumar Misra 20171306
OLM17CND1822 Mrs Mita Rani Bal 20171822
OLM17CND0459 Mr Satya Swarup Mohanty 20170459
OLM17CND0131 Mr Barada Sankar Mitra 20170131
OLM17CND2074 Mr Subrat Kumar Das 20172074
OLM17CND2465 Mr Manmohan Mishra 20172465
OLM17CND1343 Mr Manoj Kumar Mohanta 20171343
OLM17CND2122 Mr Manoranjan Mohapatra 20172122
OLM17CND0115 Mr Rajendra Kumar Bindhani 20170115
OLM17CND0642 Ms Ameeta Mohanta 20170642
OLM17CND0927 Mr Antaryami Mohanta 20170927
OLM17CND1279 Ms Aparna Mohanta 20171279
OLM17CND2179 Mr Ajaya Kumar Mohanty 20172179
OLM17CND1350 Mrs Ipsita Mohanty 20171350
OLM17CND0327 Mrs Saswati Amruta Mohanty 20170327
OLM17CND1396 Mrs Anuradha Mohanty 20171396
OLM17CND0666 Mr Sanjeeb Kumar Mohanty 20170666
OLM17CND2138 Mr Sashi Bhusana Mohanty 20172138
OLM17CND2231 Ms Smitarekha Mohanty 20172231
OLM17CND1237 Ms Supriya Mohapatra 20171237
OLM17CND0857 Mr Jitendra Kumar Moharana 20170857
OLM17CND0331 Ms Mona Das 20170331
OLM17CND0868 Mr Sanjaya Kumar Panda 20170868
OLM17CND1687 Mr A. Kuldeep Kumar Nayak 20171687
OLM17CND2150 Ms Manaswini Behera 20172150
OLM17CND0566 Mr Manoranjan Sahoo 20170566
OLM17CND2397 Mr Pradeep Kumar Muduli 20172397
OLM17CND2157 Mr Mukesh Kumar Singh 20172157
OLM17CND0367 Mr Mukesh Baa 20170367
OLM17CND2587 Mr Mukesh Kumar Bhatta 20172587
OLM17CND2594 Mrs Moonmoon Brahma 20172594
OLM17CND2449 Mr Naba Diganta Bisoi 20172449
OLM17CND0932 Mrs Saheda Nagma 20170932
OLM17CND2649 Mr Niladri Bihari Nanda 20172649
OLM17CND2089 Ms Nandita Swain 20172089
OLM17CND1823 Ms Nandita Mohanty 20171823
OLM17CND1584 Mr Narasingha Behera 20171584
OLM17CND1649 Mr Narayana Sahu 20171649
OLM17CND0363 Mr Naresh Bagarti 20170363
OLM17CND1561 Mr Naresh Kumar Nayak 20171561
OLM17CND1222 Mr Naresh Kumar Chand 20171222
OLM17CND2326 Mr Bibhuti Bhusan Nayak 20172326
OLM17CND0908 Mr Susanta Nayak 20170908
OLM17CND2611 Mr Tusharakanta Nayak 20172611
OLM17CND1782 Mr Sanjay Kumar Nayak 20171782
OLM17CND2248 Mr Badal Nayak 20172248
OLM17CND0882 Mr Debasish Nayak 20170882
OLM17CND1646 Mr Jagannath Khemundu 20171646
OLM17CND1634 Mr Manasaranjan Nayak 20171634
OLM17CND0280 Mr Sanjeev Nayak 20170280
OLM17CND1647 Mr Raashid Nezam 20171647
OLM17CND0455 Mr Nibash Chandra Sahoo 20170455
OLM17CND0902 Ms Nibedita Das 20170902
OLM17CND1352 Mrs Nibedita Giri 20171352
OLM17CND1737 Mr Nigamananda Nayak 20171737
OLM17CND1766 Mr Nihar Ranjan Swain 20171766
OLM17CND0658 Mr Nihar Ranjan Nayak 20170658
OLM17CND2085 Mrs Niharika Mohanty 20172085
OLM17CND0348 Ms Niharika Merin Robi 20170348
OLM17CND0355 Mr Nilamadhab Das 20170355
OLM17CND1754 Mr Niranjan Malu 20171754
OLM17CND0233 Mr Nirmal Sahu 20170233
OLM17CND1229 Ms Nabadita Majhi 20171229
OLM17CND1430 Mr Neeraj Kumar 20171430
OLM17CND1272 Mr Narendra Kumar Swain 20171272
OLM17CND2626 Mr Nilamadhab Patra 20172626
OLM17CND1319 Mr Suvendra Mohanty 20171319
OLM17CND0595 Mr Narayan Sahoo 20170595
OLM17CND1813 Mr Santosh Kumar Nayak 20171813
OLM17CND0388 Ms Itishree Ojha 20170388
OLM17CND1221 Mr Om Prakash Pathak 20171221
OLM17CND0086 Mr Pabitra Narendra 20170086
OLM17CND0813 Mr Padma Lochan Das 20170813
OLM17CND1105 Mr Padma Lochan Routaray 20171105
OLM17CND1565 Mr Alok Kumar Panda 20171565
OLM17CND0210 Ms Ankita Panda 20170210
OLM17CND2417 Mr Himanshu Kumar Panda 20172417
OLM17CND2215 Ms Nibedita Panda 20172215
OLM17CND0778 Mr Anupam Pani 20170778
OLM17CND1908 Mrs Ayasa Pani 20171908
OLM17CND0433 Mr Satyabrata Panigrahi 20170433
OLM17CND0871 Mr Sibani Shankar Pani 20170871
OLM17CND1913 Mrs Pankajini Tarasia 20171913
OLM17CND2531 Ms Pankajini Padhiary 20172531
OLM17CND2438 Ms Pankaj Laxmi Rout 20172438
OLM17CND0853 Mr Pankaj Kumar Nayak 20170853
OLM17CND1251 Mr Laxmisankar Senapati 20171251
OLM17CND0482 Mr Parakram Champati 20170482
OLM17CND0843 Mr Arun Kumar Parichha 20170843
OLM17CND1354 Ms Sili Parida 20171354
OLM17CND1845 Mr Aswini Parida 20171845
OLM17CND0670 Mr Raghunath Parida 20170670
OLM17CND0702 Mrs Swagatika Parida 20170702
OLM17CND0946 Mr Parsuram Naik 20170946
OLM17CND1735 Mr Parthabir Samal 20171735
OLM17CND1155 Mr Partha Sarathi Mohapatra 20171155
OLM17CND2637 Ms Rani Parween 20172637
OLM17CND1316 Mrs Snigdharani Patro 20171316
OLM17CND1293 Mr Sapa Purnachandra Patro 20171293
OLM17CND1715 Mr Prasant Kumar Behura 20171715
OLM17CND1906 Mr P Biswogopal Jena 20171906
OLM17CND0402 Mr Priyabrata Mishra 20170402
OLM17CND0098 Mr Philiman Digal 20170098
OLM17CND1878 Mr Smruti Ranjan Samantaray 20171878
OLM17CND1421 Mr Pitabasha Majhi 20171421
OLM17CND0476 Mr Jitendra Behera 20170476
OLM17CND2421 Mr Prasanta Kumar Chhatar 20172421
OLM17CND1389 Mr Pratap Kumar Rout 20171389
OLM17CND0959 Mr Mishael Pradhan 20170959
OLM17CND1635 Mrs Poonam Preetam Hota 20171635
OLM17CND1276 Mr Sourabh Porwal 20171276
OLM17CND0435 Mr Padmalochan Pradhan 20170435
OLM17CND0306 Mr Prabeer Kumar Mishal 20170306
OLM17CND2370 Mr Pradeep Kumar Panda 20172370
OLM17CND2020 Mr Pradeep Kumar Behera 20172020
OLM17CND2608 Mr Lambodar Pradhan 20172608
OLM17CND0763 Mr Pradhruti Ranjan Bhuyan 20170763
OLM17CND1709 Mr Pradip Kumar Sethy 20171709
OLM17CND0537 Mr Pradipta Kumar Mishra 20170537
OLM17CND1537 Mr Pradipta Kumar Nayak 20171537
OLM17CND0101 Mr Pradosh Ranjan Das 20170101
OLM17CND1763 Mr Pramit Kumar Nag 20171763
OLM17CND1085 Mr Pramod Kumar Jena 20171085
OLM17CND0103 Mr Pramod Kumar Panigrahi 20170103
OLM17CND0460 Mr Pramod Kumar Bag 20170460
OLM17CND0067 Mr Pran Madhab Senapati 20170067
OLM17CND1555 Mr Pranab Mandal 20171555
OLM17CND2439 Mrs Pranati Mohanty 20172439
OLM17CND2550 Mr Prajwal Prasanjeet 20172550
OLM17CND1499 Mr Prasan Kumar Nayak 20171499
OLM17CND0654 Mr Prasanna Kumar Nayak 20170654
OLM17CND2127 Mr Prasanta Kumar Biswal 20172127
OLM17CND0380 Mr Prasant Kumar Rout 20170380
OLM17CND0240 Mr Prasant Kumar Prusty 20170240
OLM17CND1384 Mr Prasanta Kumar Behera 20171384
OLM17CND1368 Mr Prasant Kumar Dash 20171368
OLM17CND1973 Mr Prasenjit Singh 20171973
OLM17CND1977 Mr Pratik Mishra 20171977
OLM17CND1468 Ms Pratima Priyadarshini Dash 20171468
OLM17CND0821 Mr Pravamaya Mishra 20170821
OLM17CND0102 Mr Pravat Kumar Rout 20170102
OLM17CND2645 Mr Preeti Ranjan Jena 20172645
OLM17CND0825 Mr S. Premdan Frederick Ishmail 20170825
OLM17CND2623 Mr Prem Prakash Horo 20172623
OLM17CND2654 Ms Pritiprabha Mishra 20172654
OLM17CND0324 Mr Pritiranjan Sahoo 20170324
OLM17CND1303 Ms Pritisha Ghosh 20171303
OLM17CND1825 Mr Pritish Ranjan Mohapatra 20171825
OLM17CND1680 Mr Priyabrata Pati 20171680
OLM17CND1629 Ms Priyadarsini Jena 20171629
OLM17CND0991 Ms Subhashree Priyadarshini Sahoo 20170991
OLM17CND0398 Mr Priyadarsi Routray 20170398
OLM17CND0121 Ms Priyambada Jena 20170121
OLM17CND2480 Mrs Priyanka Pradhan 20172480
OLM17CND1668 Mr Priyanko Chakraborty 20171668
OLM17CND1094 Mr Priyaranjan Tripathy 20171094
OLM17CND0768 Mr Priyaranjan Nayak 20170768
OLM17CND0454 Mr Priyaranjan Nayak 20170454
OLM17CND0262 Ms Priyanka Priyadarsini Samal 20170262
OLM17CND0060 Mr Sabyasachi Jena 20170060
OLM17CND2049 Mr Hitlar Prusty 20172049
OLM17CND1839 Mr Partha Sarathi Sarkar 20171839
OLM17CND1369 Mr Sukanta Kumar Panda 20171369
OLM17CND1774 Mr P Sunil Kumar 20171774
OLM17CND1513 Ms Pujarani Nayak 20171513
OLM17CND1707 Mr Punya Prakash Panda 20171707
OLM17CND2567 Mr Punyakam Das 20172567
OLM17CND2663 Mrs Punyatoya Kar 20172663
OLM17CND2481 Mr Ashirbad Purohit 20172481
OLM17CND1683 Mrs Puspanjali Ojha 20171683
OLM17CND1016 Ms Puspa Rani Naik 20171016
OLM17CND0218 Ms Debajanee Lenka 20170218
OLM17CND1296 Mr Rabinarayan Satapathy 20171296
OLM17CND2253 Mrs Radha Rani Rath 20172253
OLM17CND1729 Mrs Rageshree Mohanty 20171729
OLM17CND1238 Mr Raghunath Panda 20171238
OLM17CND1921 Mr Sanjay Kumar Barik 20171921
OLM17CND2662 Ms Rajalaxmi Khuntia 20172662
OLM17CND0676 Mr Rajanikanta Behera 20170676
OLM17CND2522 Mr Rajaram Mallik 20172522
OLM17CND2267 Mr Rajendra Kumar Behera 20172267
OLM17CND0978 Mr Rajesh Pradhan 20170978
OLM17CND1005 Mr Rajesh Kumar Sahu 20171005
OLM17CND1573 Mr Rajiv Dalua 20171573
OLM17CND2478 Ms Raja Laxmi Pandey 20172478
OLM17CND0370 Mr Rajesh Kumar Lenka 20170370
OLM17CND0765 Mr Rajkishor Behera 20170765
OLM17CND1638 Mr Rakesh Kumar Routray 20171638
OLM17CND0743 Mr Rakesh Kumar Dalabehara 20170743
OLM17CND1446 Mr Rakesh Routray 20171446
OLM17CND2425 Mr Rakesh Kumar Gupta 20172425
OLM17CND0182 Mr Rakesh Kumar Panigrahi 20170182
OLM17CND2059 Mr Rakesh Kumar Podha 20172059
OLM17CND0292 Mr Rakesh Kumar Sahoo 20170292
OLM17CND0830 Mr Rakesh Kumar Sahoo 20170830
OLM17CND1695 Ms Rameswari Das 20171695
OLM17CND1534 Mr Ramachandra Sahoo 20171534
OLM17CND2390 Mr Randhir Kumar 20172390
OLM17CND1625 Mr Ranjak Kumar Nayak 20171625
OLM17CND0693 Mr Ranjan Kumar Ojha 20170693
OLM17CND2381 Mrs Ranjita Dhal 20172381
OLM17CND0557 Mrs Rashmi Ranjita Das 20170557
OLM17CND2230 Mr Rashmi Ranjan Swain 20172230
OLM17CND2447 Mrs Rasmita Panda 20172447
OLM17CND2358 Mr Ratan Kumar Ray 20172358
OLM17CND1911 Mrs Ankita Rath 20171911
OLM17CND1356 Mr Rati Ranjan Behera 20171356
OLM17CND0235 Mr Rabindra Kumar Swain 20170235
OLM17CND1141 Mr Taher Ahamad 20171141
OLM17CND0746 Mr Satyabrata Dash 20170746
OLM17CND0651 Ms Rita Moni Borah 20170651
OLM17CND0897 Mr Ranjit Mohanty 20170897
OLM17CND0197 Mr Rahul Kumar 20170197
OLM17CND0430 Mr Rohit Kumar Maskara 20170430
OLM17CND1556 Mr Ritesh Kumar Pradhan 20171556
OLM17CND0764 Ms Kumarika Ratha 20170764
OLM17CND1110 Mr Rajiba Lochan Mohanty 20171110
OLM17CND1119 Mr Rabi Narayan Behera 20171119
OLM17CND0497 Mrs Rojalisha Patra 20170497
OLM17CND0078 Mr Afroz Khan 20170078
OLM17CND0232 Mr Ronit Sabar 20170232
OLM17CND0520 Ms Ropali Pattanaik 20170520
OLM17CND2313 Ms Rosalin Nayak 20172313
OLM17CND2308 Ms Rosalin Alluk 20172308
OLM17CND2543 Ms Roshni Lakra 20172543
OLM17CND0977 Mrs Rosy Barik 20170977
OLM17CND1731 Mrs Sangita Priyadarshini Rout 20171731
OLM17CND2339 Ms Rajabala Priyambada 20172339
OLM17CND0040 Ms Rajashree Priyadarshni Jena 20170040
OLM17CND0178 Mr Rahul Ranjan 20170178
OLM17CND2237 Mrs Rulina Patra 20172237
OLM17CND2349 Mrs Rupsita Mishra 20172349
OLM17CND0749 Mrs Rutambhara Panda 20170749
OLM17CND1741 Mr Ruturaj Bag 20171741
OLM17CND2250 Ms Satabdi Pradhan 20172250
OLM17CND2178 Ms Satyasikha Swain 20172178
OLM17CND1115 Mr Suvam Mohanty 20171115
OLM17CND1487 Mrs Sabana Parwin 20171487
OLM17CND1454 Mr Mir Sabir Hussain 20171454
OLM17CND2226 Ms Sabita Barik 20172226
OLM17CND2084 Ms Sabita Rani Satapathy 20172084
OLM17CND1787 Mrs Sabitri Mohapatra 20171787
OLM17CND0092 Mrs Adyasha Panigrahi 20170092
OLM17CND1552 Mr Sabyasachi Mishra 20171552
OLM17CND2170 Mr Sachidananda Nayak 20172170
OLM17CND0193 Mr Sachidanand Pradhan 20170193
OLM17CND0675 Mrs Sagarika Mishra 20170675
OLM17CND0703 Mrs Sagarika Mohapatra 20170703
OLM17CND0751 Mr Mohammed Sahabuddin 20170751
OLM17CND0106 Mr Ashok Kumar Sahoo 20170106
OLM17CND0684 Mr Himansu Sekhar Sahoo 20170684
OLM17CND0488 Mr Pravat Ranjan Sahoo 20170488
OLM17CND1583 Mr Rudra Kumar Sahoo 20171583
OLM17CND2402 Mr Prasanta Kumar Sahu 20172402
OLM17CND0222 Mr Muna Sahu 20170222
OLM17CND0513 Mr Saswat Kumar Pani 20170513
OLM17CND1057 Mr Sakti Prasanna Nayak 20171057
OLM17CND1212 Mr Sakti Ranjan Barik 20171212
OLM17CND0062 Mr Samarendra Nayak 20170062
OLM17CND0612 Mr Sambita Kumar Pattanaik 20170612
OLM17CND0057 Mr Sambit Mishra 20170057
OLM17CND0565 Mr Samir Kumar Nayak 20170565
OLM17CND2408 Mr Samir Kerketta 20172408
OLM17CND0263 Mr Samir Kumar Barik 20170263
OLM17CND1107 Mrs Samrita Rath 20171107
OLM17CND0603 Mr Samuel Behera 20170603
OLM17CND1426 Mr Sanat Kumar Mishra 20171426
OLM17CND2286 Mr Sanat Kumar Swain 20172286
OLM17CND0068 Mr Sandeep Kumar Biswal 20170068
OLM17CND2182 Ms Sangeeta Rautaray 20172182
OLM17CND1328 Ms Sanghamitra Jena 20171328
OLM17CND0935 Ms Sanghamitra Mishra 20170935
OLM17CND0967 Mr Sangram Kumar Panda 20170967
OLM17CND2304 Mr Sangram Kishore Pattanaik 20172304
OLM17CND0554 Mr Sangram Keshari Mohapatra 20170554
OLM17CND1310 Mr Sangram Keshari Sahoo 20171310
OLM17CND1201 Mr Sangram Kumar Nayak 20171201
OLM17CND0165 Mr Sanjoy Dutta 20170165
OLM17CND0947 Mr Sanjaya Kumar Behera 20170947
OLM17CND1805 Mr Sanjay Laxmi Parida 20171805
OLM17CND0054 Mr Sanjeeb Kumar Behera 20170054
OLM17CND1414 Mr Sanjeeb Kumar Jena 20171414
OLM17CND2174 Mr Sanjib Mohanty 20172174
OLM17CND1925 Mr Joseph Sanjit Lakra 20171925
OLM17CND0796 Mr Sanjit Kumar Dhar 20170796
OLM17CND1211 Mr Sankar Pradhan 20171211
OLM17CND2063 Mr Sanmaya Kumar Biswal 20172063
OLM17CND2428 Mr K Sanmukh Rao 20172428
OLM17CND1080 Mr Santosh Kumar Sahu 20171080
OLM17CND1139 Mr Santanu Rath 20171139
OLM17CND2640 Mr Santosh Kumar Nepak 20172640
OLM17CND2318 Mr Santosh Kumar Parida 20172318
OLM17CND1146 Mr Santosh Kumar Rana 20171146
OLM17CND2088 Mr Santosh Kumar Sahu 20172088
OLM17CND0113 Mr Santosh Behera 20170113
OLM17CND0150 Mr Bikash Chandra Panda 20170150
OLM17CND2041 Mrs Sarala Maheswari Bisoi 20172041
OLM17CND2578 Mr Sarat Kumar Behera 20172578
OLM17CND1956 Mrs Sarita Pradhan 20171956
OLM17CND2424 Mrs Sarita Patnaik 20172424
OLM17CND0090 Ms Sarmistha Sahoo 20170090
OLM17CND1902 Ms Sarmistha Rajanandini Nayak 20171902
OLM17CND1712 Ms Sarmistha Parichha 20171712
OLM17CND1542 Mr Saroj Kumar Sahoo 20171542
OLM17CND0779 Mr Saroj Kumar Biswal 20170779
OLM17CND2638 Mr Saroj Kumar Kanhar 20172638
OLM17CND0971 Dr Saroj Mohan Palo 20170971
OLM17CND0625 Mr Saroj Kumar Sahoo 20170625
OLM17CND0417 Mr Saroj Kumar Sahoo 20170417
OLM17CND0931 Ms Saronita Dutta 20170931
OLM17CND1162 Ms Sasmita Mohanty 20171162
OLM17CND1116 Ms Sasmita Sethi 20171116
OLM17CND1901 Mr Saswat Sevak Sarangi 20171901
OLM17CND0590 Mrs Saswati Rout 20170590
OLM17CND2293 Mr Saswat Das 20172293
OLM17CND0229 Mr Satya Narayana Choudhury 20170229
OLM17CND1650 Mr Satyabrata Kabi 20171650
OLM17CND0376 Mr Satyabrat Das 20170376
OLM17CND1888 Mr Satyaprakash Swain 20171888
OLM17CND0104 Mr Satyajeet Muduli 20170104
OLM17CND1448 Mr Satyabrata Jena 20171448
OLM17CND1972 Mr Satyajit Sahoo 20171972
OLM17CND1159 Mr Satyajit Das 20171159
OLM17CND2535 Mr Satya Narayan Jena 20172535
OLM17CND1172 Mr Satyapriya 20171172
OLM17CND1946 Mr Satyaranjan Suar 20171946
OLM17CND0479 Mr Saumya Ranjan Nayak 20170479
OLM17CND1026 Mr Saurav Mishra 20171026
OLM17CND2033 Mrs Sephali Swagatika 20172033
OLM17CND1637 Mr Sesha Ranjan Nayak 20171637
OLM17CND1942 Mr S K Kamar Anjum 20171942
OLM17CND0736 Mrs Shalini 20170736
OLM17CND0053 Mrs Shamim Akhtar Sultana 20170053
OLM17CND0342 Mr Shankar Behera 20170342
OLM17CND1287 Ms Rasmita Sharma 20171287
OLM17CND0163 Mr Shashi Kant Kumar 20170163
OLM17CND1079 Mr Shashi Kanta Sahu 20171079
OLM17CND0605 Mr Debasis Shaw 20170605
OLM17CND1478 Mr Shibashish Panda 20171478
OLM17CND2491 Ms Shova Dungdung 20172491
OLM17CND2581 Ms Shravani Shubhadarshni 20172581
OLM17CND0726 Mrs Shwetaleena Das 20170726
OLM17CND1833 Mr Sibabrata Palsarma 20171833
OLM17CND0552 Mr Sibananda Uthan Singh 20170552
OLM17CND1122 Mr Sibashis Dash 20171122
OLM17CND0215 Mr Sidha Biswanath Das Kanungo 20170215
OLM17CND0279 Mr Sidharth Sibaditya Das 20170279
OLM17CND0704 Mrs Silla Pattanayak 20170704
OLM17CND0628 Mr Silvester Topno 20170628
OLM17CND1486 Mrs Sindhu Suta Patro 20171486
OLM17CND2528 Mr Smruti Ranjan Singh 20172528
OLM17CND0842 Mr Sitansu Sekhar Sahu 20170842
OLM17CND1339 Mr Siba Sankar Barik 20171339
OLM17CND1991 Mr Yammanoor Sivanagireddy 20171991
OLM17CND1692 Ms Sivasis Misra 20171692
OLM17CND1150 Mr Saroj Kumar Sahoo 20171150
OLM17CND1876 Mrs Subhalaxmi Jyotirmayee Das 20171876
OLM17CND2261 Mr Smarajit Tripathy 20172261
OLM17CND2636 Mr Smarak Ranjan Sahoo 20172636
OLM17CND1701 Mrs Swayamsiddha Mohanty 20171701
OLM17CND2015 Mrs Smita Nayak 20172015
OLM17CND1142 Mr Mihir Ranjan Nayak 20171142
OLM17CND2648 Mr Suman Kumar Dalal 20172648
OLM17CND1064 Mrs Smrutimayee Priyadarshini 20171064
OLM17CND0775 Mr Smruti Ranjan Samantaray 20170775
OLM17CND0107 Mr Satyabrata Nayak 20170107
OLM17CND1253 Ms Sneha Samantaray 20171253
OLM17CND1288 Mr Snehasis Swain 20171288
OLM17CND1519 Mr Sobha Nanda Raul 20171519
OLM17CND0798 Mr Somanath Kumbhar 20170798
OLM17CND1610 Ms Sonali Majumdar 20171610
OLM17CND1228 Mrs Sonia Priyadarshini Sahoo 20171228
OLM17CND0521 Mr Dinesh Soren 20170521
OLM17CND0780 Mr Soubhagya Ranjan Jena 20170780
OLM17CND0172 Mr Soubhagya Ranjan Ratha 20170172
OLM17CND1769 Mr Soumendra Kumar Chhotaray 20171769
OLM17CND0227 Mr Soumya Ranjan Rout 20170227
OLM17CND2173 Mr Soumya Ranjan Sahoo 20172173
OLM17CND1776 Mr Soumya Sekhar Panigrahi 20171776
OLM17CND0408 Mrs Soumyashree Samal 20170408
OLM17CND2288 Mr Sourav Mohanty 20172288
OLM17CND0049 Mr Subrat Kumar Parida 20170049
OLM17CND1794 Mr Sarada Prasanna Jena 20171794
OLM17CND1690 Mr Surya Kumar Pradhan 20171690
OLM17CND0185 Ms Sradha Pattnaik 20170185
OLM17CND2137 Ms S.P Ashalata 20172137
OLM17CND1758 Mr Srikanta Raul 20171758
OLM17CND2656 Mr Soumya Ranjan Nayak 20172656
OLM17CND0976 Mr Sanjay Kumar Rout 20170976
OLM17CND2117 Mrs Silpa Saswati 20172117
OLM17CND0546 Mr Sukanta Kumar Sahoo 20170546
OLM17CND0906 Ms Sarojini Sahoo 20170906
OLM17CND1778 Mr Syed Tanwir Ahmad 20171778
OLM17CND2367 Ms Sthitaprajna Swain 20172367
OLM17CND0448 Mr Subash Kumar Behera 20170448
OLM17CND0860 Mr Subash Chandra Parida 20170860
OLM17CND1694 Mr Subhakanta Mishra 20171694
OLM17CND1992 Mr Subha Kanta Panda 20171992
OLM17CND2354 Ms Subh Laxmi Sahu 20172354
OLM17CND0302 Mrs Subhasini Swain 20170302
OLM17CND0247 Mr Subhasis Kamila 20170247
OLM17CND0328 Mr Subhasish Acharya 20170328
OLM17CND0352 Mr Subhasish Nayak 20170352
OLM17CND0550 Mrs Subhra Nibedita 20170550
OLM17CND1038 Mr Subhrajit Satpathy 20171038
OLM17CND0894 Mr Subhranshu Shekhar Paikaray 20170894
OLM17CND2246 Mr Subrat Kumar Mahapatra 20172246
OLM17CND2487 Ms Sucheta Panda 20172487
OLM17CND0244 Ms Suchitra Swain 20170244
OLM17CND2448 Mr Sudarsan Behera 20172448
OLM17CND0219 Mr Sudhakar Jha 20170219
OLM17CND1491 Mr Sudhanshu Sekhar Pradhan 20171491
OLM17CND0492 Mr Sudip Khutia 20170492
OLM17CND1417 Mr Sudipto Das 20171417
OLM17CND0993 Mr Sughar Singh Kushwaha 20170993
OLM17CND1469 Mr Sugyana Sidhartha Sahoo 20171469
OLM17CND0336 Mrs Subhankari Sahoo 20170336
OLM17CND1688 Mrs Sujata Mallick 20171688
OLM17CND1533 Ms Sujata Rath 20171533
OLM17CND0291 Mr Sujitav Mohanty 20170291
OLM17CND1145 Mr Sujit Kumar Digal 20171145
OLM17CND2048 Mr Sujit Kumar Lenka 20172048
OLM17CND1413 Mrs Sulagna Kanungo 20171413
OLM17CND1317 Mrs Sulagna Mohanty 20171317
OLM17CND1922 Mr Suman Sinha 20171922
OLM17CND0091 Mr Suman Kumar Upadhyay 20170091
OLM17CND0400 Mr Sumanta Kumar Jena 20170400
OLM17CND1154 Mr Sumit Suman Kar 20171154
OLM17CND2572 Mrs Sthitaprajna Das 20172572
OLM17CND0849 Mr Sunil Kumar Ghadei 20170849
OLM17CND2044 Mr Sunil Kumar Mishra 20172044
OLM17CND1244 Mr Sunil Kumar Das 20171244
OLM17CND2569 Mr Sunil Kumar Pradhan 20172569
OLM17CND2604 Mr Sunil Kumar Sahu 20172604
OLM17CND1277 Mr Supriyo Boral 20171277
OLM17CND1648 Mr Suresh Chandra Nag 20171648
OLM17CND1245 Mr Suresh Pradhan 20171245
OLM17CND2591 Ms Linet Surin 20172591
OLM17CND0474 Mr Suryakanta Mohanty 20170474
OLM17CND0903 Mr Suryakant Sahu 20170903
OLM17CND1527 Mr Suryanshu Preetihar Majhi 20171527
OLM17CND0179 Mr Susanta Kumar Swain 20170179
OLM17CND2081 Mr Susanta Kumar Nayak 20172081
OLM17CND1952 Mr Sushanta Kumar Panda 20171952
OLM17CND0356 Mr Sushant Kumar Swain 20170356
OLM17CND2002 Mr Sushant Kumar Godi 20172002
OLM17CND2544 Mrs Sushree Paikray 20172544
OLM17CND1653 Ms Sushree Sangeeta Rout 20171653
OLM17CND1496 Mr Suvendu Mohanty 20171496
OLM17CND1182 Ms Prajna Paramita Swain 20171182
OLM17CND1344 Mr Sarat Swain 20171344
OLM17CND2540 Mr Soumya Ranjan Swain 20172540
OLM17CND0048 Mr Aruna Kumar Swain 20170048
OLM17CND2274 Mr Narayan Swain 20172274
OLM17CND1713 Mr Basant Kumar Swain 20171713
OLM17CND0992 Ms Manasmita Swain 20170992
OLM17CND1867 Ms Mousumi Swain 20171867
OLM17CND2279 Mr Prita Ranjan Swain 20172279
OLM17CND0501 Mr Swapan Kumar Das 20170501
OLM17CND2514 Ms Swayam Prabha Rath 20172514
OLM17CND1358 Ms Debahuti Mishra 20171358
OLM17CND0051 Mr Swetaketu Mishra 20170051
OLM17CND1877 Ms Swomya Ranjan Nayak 20171877
OLM17CND2630 Mrs Swasti Rekha Dhal 20172630
OLM17CND1305 Mr Srikumar Jena 20171305
OLM17CND1164 Mr Shantanu Talukdar 20171164
OLM17CND0117 Mr Tankadhar Sabar 20170117
OLM17CND0116 Mr Tanmaya Kumar Sahoo 20170116
OLM17CND0969 Mr Tapan Kumar Pati 20170969
OLM17CND1562 Mr Tapan Mohanty 20171562
OLM17CND0467 Mr Tapan Kumar Ojha 20170467
OLM17CND0446 Mr Tapan Kumar Padhi 20170446
OLM17CND0690 Mr Tapan Swain 20170690
OLM17CND1399 Mr Tapas Ranjan Sahoo 20171399
OLM17CND1879 Mr Tapas Kumar Panda 20171879
OLM17CND1682 Mrs Tapaswini Lenka 20171682
OLM17CND2363 Mrs Tapaswini Kar 20172363
OLM17CND0761 Mr Tarun Kumar Sahu 20170761
Candidate Code Candidate Name Roll No.
OLM17CND0212 Mr Anand Kumar Behera 20170212
OLM17CND1730 Mr Vivekananda Rout 20171730
OLM17CND1530 Mr Saroj Mohapatra 20171530
OLM17CND1390 Mr Arun Kumar Panigrahy 20171390
OLM17CND0804 Mr Ashutosh Samal 20170804
OLM17CND1526 Mr Amresh Kumar Pattanaik 20171526
OLM17CND2165 Mr Aashish Kumar Bharati 20172165
OLM17CND1970 Mr Abhijeet Maharana 20171970
OLM17CND0205 Mr Abhishek Dwivedy 20170205
OLM17CND0300 Mr Abhilash Satapathy 20170300
OLM17CND0617 Mr Abhirup Mustaufi 20170617
OLM17CND1819 Mr Abhisek Pujari 20171819
OLM17CND2294 Mr Abhisekha Misra 20172294
OLM17CND1725 Mr Abhishek Das 20171725
OLM17CND0910 Mr Anup Kumar Bhoi 20170910
OLM17CND0260 Mr Bhabani Shankar Acharya 20170260
OLM17CND0473 Mrs Anindita Tiwari 20170473
OLM17CND1820 Mr Aditya Singh Mohanty 20171820
OLM17CND1944 Mrs Gayatri Sahoo 20171944
OLM17CND1470 Ms Ankita Agarwal 20171470
OLM17CND1275 Mr Deepak Agrawal 20171275
OLM17CND0926 Mr Ajay Kumar Choudhary 20170926
OLM17CND2471 Mr Ajaya Pradhan 20172471
OLM17CND1284 Mr Ajit Kumar Pandit 20171284
OLM17CND0831 Ms Alisha Felix Vaz 20170831
OLM17CND1340 Mr Alex Behera 20171340
OLM17CND1018 Mrs Alina Mohapatra 20171018
OLM17CND2204 Ms Alisha Patra 20172204
OLM17CND0142 Mr Alokjyoti Nanda 20170142
OLM17CND2340 Mr Alok Kumar Palai 20172340
OLM17CND1955 Ms Ankita Mallick 20171955
OLM17CND0515 Mr Amar Kumar Sahoo 20170515
OLM17CND0806 Mr Amit Prasad Samal 20170806
OLM17CND2423 Mr Amit Kumar Panda 20172423
OLM17CND0916 Mr Amiya Ranjan Parida 20170916
OLM17CND1883 Mr Amit Kumar Mohanty 20171883
OLM17CND1270 Ms Amrita Mohanty 20171270
OLM17CND2198 Mr Amrit Prasad Mohanty 20172198
OLM17CND0311 Mr Ananda Biswal 20170311
OLM17CND1613 Mr Anirudha Shatapathy 20171613
OLM17CND1723 Mr Anil Kumar Dhal 20171723
OLM17CND0072 Mr Anil Kumar Behera 20170072
OLM17CND1717 Mr Aniruddha Das 20171717
OLM17CND0186 Mr Anirudh Majhi 20170186
OLM17CND1367 Mr Aniruddha Mohanty 20171367
OLM17CND0911 Mrs Ankita Mohanty 20170911
OLM17CND0547 Mr Ankit Dwivedi 20170547
OLM17CND2269 Ms Anupama Rath 20172269
OLM17CND1681 Mr Anuranjan Minz 20171681
OLM17CND0042 Mr Debi Prasad Das 20170042
OLM17CND2331 Mrs Aparna Sinha 20172331
OLM17CND0792 Mr Abinash Mohanty 20170792
OLM17CND0948 Mr Santosh Kumar Sahu 20170948
OLM17CND0238 Mr Arabinda Sahoo 20170238
OLM17CND0950 Ms A Rekha 20170950
OLM17CND0274 Mr Arif Baig 20170274
OLM17CND1429 Mr Arpan Banerjee 20171429
OLM17CND1657 Mrs Arpita Mohanty 20171657
OLM17CND2378 Mr Arupananda Mishra 20172378
OLM17CND2513 Mr Anirudha Sethy 20172513
OLM17CND2083 Mrs Soumya Sucharita Routray 20172083
OLM17CND0774 Mr Ashirbad Sahu 20170774
OLM17CND0600 Mr Ashish Kumar Panda 20170600
OLM17CND0531 Mr Ashis Kumar Rana 20170531
OLM17CND1494 Mr Ashis Rahul 20171494
OLM17CND2521 Mr Ashok Kumar Adhikari 20172521
OLM17CND1978 Mr Ashok Kumar Sahu 20171978
OLM17CND0059 Mr Ashok Kumar Patel 20170059
OLM17CND1163 Mr Ashok Sahoo 20171163
OLM17CND1178 Mr Ashwini Kumar Mishra 20171178
OLM17CND2546 Mr Asim Mohanty 20172546
OLM17CND2277 Mr Asish Kumar Nayak 20172277
OLM17CND0152 Mr Asish Kumar Roul 20170152
OLM17CND1043 Mr Aurojwala Jena 20171043
OLM17CND1943 Mr Avaneesh Kumar Singh 20171943
OLM17CND0310 Ms Baishakhi Mohanty 20170310
OLM17CND0601 Mr Rudra Prasad Bal 20170601
OLM17CND0154 Mr Amit Dash 20170154
OLM17CND0201 Mrs Choudhury Bandana Das 20170201
OLM17CND1897 Mr Himansu Bhusan Mohapatra 20171897
OLM17CND0852 Mr Purusottam Thela 20170852
OLM17CND1432 Ms Barsha Baishali Das 20171432
OLM17CND1056 Mr Basanta Kumar Panigrahi 20171056
OLM17CND0837 Mr Bibekananda Behera 20170837
OLM17CND0477 Mr Niranjan Behera 20170477
OLM17CND1865 Ms Rasmi Rekha Behera 20171865
OLM17CND1084 Mr Sanjaya Kumar Behera 20171084
OLM17CND0984 Ms Banita Behera 20170984
OLM17CND0909 Mr Benumadhaba Panigrahi 20170909
OLM17CND2352 Mr Abinash Beura 20172352
OLM17CND1726 Mr Bhabani Shankar Nanda 20171726
OLM17CND2244 Mr Himansu Sekhar Bhadra 20172244
OLM17CND0795 Mr Bhagaban Mahanand 20170795
OLM17CND1124 Ms Bhagyalaxmi Rout 20171124
OLM17CND0412 Ms Bhagya Laxmi Rath 20170412
OLM17CND1246 Mrs Bhagyashree Mishra 20171246
OLM17CND1171 Ms Bhakti Pattanaik 20171171
OLM17CND2209 Mr Bhanu Prakash Swain 20172209
OLM17CND1923 Mr Bharat Bhusan Nayak 20171923
OLM17CND0378 Mr R Bhaskar Reddy 20170378
OLM17CND0276 Mrs Bhasna Maharana 20170276
OLM17CND2568 Mr Bhupati Ranjan Panda 20172568
OLM17CND2023 Mr Biswabhusan Dash 20172023
OLM17CND1129 Mr Bibhore Kumar Deo 20171129
OLM17CND0137 Mr Bibhudatta Mishra 20170137
OLM17CND2160 Mr Bibhu Prasad Mishra 20172160
OLM17CND0069 Mr Bibhuti Bhusan Dash 20170069
OLM17CND0361 Mr Bibhuti Bhusan Das 20170361
OLM17CND0457 Mr Bibhuti Bhusan Chhatoi 20170457
OLM17CND2492 Mr Bibhuti Sahu 20172492
OLM17CND0980 Mr Bichhanda Sekhar Mallik 20170980
OLM17CND2660 Mr Bidhu Bhusan Mohankudo 20172660
OLM17CND1192 Mr Ranjan Kumar Parida 20171192
OLM17CND0208 Mr Bighnaraj Mishra 20170208
OLM17CND0397 Mr Bijay Kumar Nayak 20170397
OLM17CND1796 Mr Lalbikash Singhdeo 20171796
OLM17CND0717 Mr Bikash Ranjan Satapathy 20170717
OLM17CND2094 Mr Bikash Kumar Ojha 20172094
OLM17CND2007 Mr Bikash Pradhan 20172007
OLM17CND0803 Mr Bikash Purohit 20170803
OLM17CND2147 Mr Soubhagya Kumar Bikramaditya 20172147
OLM17CND2372 Mr Bikram Kumar Singh 20172372
OLM17CND1191 Mr Bikram Singh 20171191
OLM17CND1041 Mr Bimal Kumar Sahu 20171041
OLM17CND0144 Mrs Bimala Dash 20170144
OLM17CND2079 Mr Bimal Chandra Das 20172079
OLM17CND0394 Ms Bina Pani Sahu 20170394
OLM17CND1177 Mr Binaya Kumar Das 20171177
OLM17CND2450 Mr Binayak Mahapatra 20172450
OLM17CND0472 Mr Binaya Kumar Saha 20170472
OLM17CND2651 Mr Binay Kullu 20172651
OLM17CND1788 Ms Banabasi Sinku 20171788
OLM17CND1327 Ms Padmaja Sahoo 20171327
OLM17CND1759 Mr Binod Bihari Dhir 20171759
OLM17CND0563 Mr Bipini Bihari Bahinipati 20170563
OLM17CND1289 Mr Bipin Kishor Barla 20171289
OLM17CND1501 Mr Bishnu Prasad Sahoo 20171501
OLM17CND0055 Mr Bishnu Prasad Baliarsingh 20170055
OLM17CND0349 Mr Bishnu Narayan Barada 20170349
OLM17CND0818 Mrs Bishnupriya Sahu 20170818
OLM17CND1784 Mr Bishwarupa Sahu 20171784
OLM17CND2129 Mr Biswabikash Guru 20172129
OLM17CND0422 Mr Biswajit Nayak 20170422
OLM17CND1265 Mr Biswajit Pany 20171265
OLM17CND0904 Mr Biswajit Sahu 20170904
OLM17CND2661 Mrs Sumitra Biswal 20172661
OLM17CND0712 Mr Biswaranjan Rout 20170712
OLM17CND0360 Mr Bijayketan Biswal 20170360
OLM17CND1081 Mr Brundaban Sahoo 20171081
OLM17CND1844 Ms Rojalin Pradhan 20171844
OLM17CND0266 Mr Chiranjeeb Bose 20170266
OLM17CND0475 Mr Brijesh Kumar Rai 20170475
OLM17CND0983 Mr Bijoy Kumar Sahu 20170983
OLM17CND0251 Mr Amit Chanda 20170251
OLM17CND1749 Mr Chandan Kumar Barik 20171749
OLM17CND1465 Mr Chandan Kumar Jena 20171465
OLM17CND0634 Mr Chandan Kumar Rout 20170634
OLM17CND1960 Mr Chandan Kumar Sahu 20171960
OLM17CND1024 Mr Chandrakant Parida 20171024
OLM17CND0697 Mr Chandrakanta Badajena 20170697
OLM17CND2616 Mr Chandrakanta Behera 20172616
OLM17CND1434 Mr Rabindra Kumar Chane 20171434
OLM17CND2220 Ms Kriti Kumari 20172220
OLM17CND1035 Mr Sudhansu Kumar Sinha 20171035
OLM17CND0418 Mr Chhotelal Sahu 20170418
OLM17CND1889 Mr Chinmaya Kumar Biswal 20171889
OLM17CND0784 Mr Chinmaya Mishra 20170784
OLM17CND0618 Ms Chinmayee Pattanayak 20170618
OLM17CND1912 Ms Pragyan Priyadarshini Pati 20171912
OLM17CND1937 Mr Shrikanta Jena 20171937
OLM17CND1376 Mr Rakesh Kumar Ranjan 20171376
OLM17CND1230 Mr Vishal Kumar Barnwal 20171230
OLM17CND1863 Mr Kamalakant Swain 20171863
OLM17CND1297 Mr Sk Sahajahan 20171297
OLM17CND2634 Mr Abinash Jena 20172634
OLM17CND1347 Mr Manoj Kumar Mohanta 20171347
OLM17CND2383 Mr Chittaranjan Behera 20172383
OLM17CND0943 Mr Dhananjaya Khamari 20170943
OLM17CND0880 Mr Santosh Kumar Dakua 20170880
OLM17CND2356 Mrs Sushree Sangita Das 20172356
OLM17CND2373 Ms Prajna Parimita Dash 20172373
OLM17CND1485 Mrs Sandhya Rani Dash 20171485
OLM17CND1930 Mr Sumit Kumar Dash 20171930
OLM17CND1642 Mr Swayam Prakash Dash 20171642
OLM17CND0564 Mr Niranjan Das 20170564
OLM17CND2223 Ms Pragyaparamita Das 20172223
OLM17CND1580 Mr Subrata Das 20171580
OLM17CND2461 Mr David Newtone Khosla 20172461
OLM17CND0952 Ms Dayal Prasanti 20170952
OLM17CND1334 Ms Dipti Rekha Samal 20171334
OLM17CND2494 Mr Debadatta Tripathy 20172494
OLM17CND1140 Mr Debashis Rautray 20171140
OLM17CND1929 Ms Debashree Ray 20171929
OLM17CND1949 Mr Debasis Das 20171949
OLM17CND0168 Mr Debasish Jena 20170168
OLM17CND1490 Mr Debasish Panda 20171490
OLM17CND0155 Mr Debiprasanna Deo 20170155
OLM17CND1304 Mr Debiprasad Pradhan 20171304
OLM17CND1982 Mr Deepak Raul 20171982
OLM17CND1463 Mr Manoranjan Panigrahi 20171463
OLM17CND2234 Mr Deepak Kumar Kar 20172234
OLM17CND0979 Mr Deepak Kumar Sahu 20170979
OLM17CND2132 Mr Deepu Ranjan Guin 20172132
OLM17CND1210 Mr Debi Prasad Mohanty 20171210
OLM17CND1507 Mr Devi Prasad Parida 20171507
OLM17CND1482 Mr Gourang Charan Das 20171482
OLM17CND0151 Mr Dhananjaya Samantaray 20170151
OLM17CND0499 Mr Dhaneswar Swain 20170499
OLM17CND2128 Mr Dhiren Kumar Mahapatra 20172128
OLM17CND1282 Mr Dibya Ranjan Mohapatra 20171282
OLM17CND2325 Mr Dibya Jyoti Barik 20172325
OLM17CND2189 Mrs Dibyashree Barik 20172189
OLM17CND01000 Mr Dibyendu Samanta 201701000
OLM17CND0375 Mr Dilip Kumar Panda 20170375
OLM17CND1452 Mr Dillip Kumar Samantaray 20171452
OLM17CND2260 Mr Gopal Mohanty 20172260
OLM17CND0508 Ms Diptimayee Mishra 20170508
OLM17CND0432 Mr Diptiranjan Nayak 20170432
OLM17CND1840 Mr Diptish Prasad Pradhan 20171840
OLM17CND1721 Mr Dipu Parida 20171721
OLM17CND0061 Mr Durga Prasad Bhuyan 20170061
OLM17CND1374 Mr Durgaprasad Panda 20171374
OLM17CND2305 Mr Dushmant Kumar Dandasana 20172305
OLM17CND1521 Mr Litton Dutta 20171521
OLM17CND0937 Mr Gopinath Dutta 20170937
OLM17CND0039 Mr Dwayeepayal Das 20170039
OLM17CND0199 Mr Binayak Dwibedi 20170199
OLM17CND1504 Mr Pradyumna Kumar Dwivedy 20171504
OLM17CND2283 Mr David Ekka 20172283
OLM17CND2389 Mrs Elsarani Nanda 20172389
OLM17CND1059 Mr Saumya Ranjan Maharana 20171059
OLM17CND0236 Dr Gagan Roy 20170236
OLM17CND1591 Mr Ganesh Chandra Pramanik 20171591
OLM17CND2650 Mrs Snigdharani Behera 20172650
OLM17CND1175 Mr Purushottar Kumar 20171175
OLM17CND1935 Ms Gayatri Dhal 20171935
OLM17CND0719 Mrs Gayatri Khosla 20170719
OLM17CND1096 Mrs Gita Rani Mohanty 20171096
OLM17CND2401 Mr Bidesh Ghosh 20172401
OLM17CND1976 Mr Ram Chandra Giri 20171976
OLM17CND2643 Mr Girish Ranjan Sahoo 20172643
OLM17CND0863 Mr Gouri Krishna Behera 20170863
OLM17CND0284 Mr Gopal Krushna Panigrahi 20170284
OLM17CND2484 Mr Gopal Manna 20172484
OLM17CND1566 Mr Rajesh Kuamr Patro 20171566
OLM17CND0960 Mr Gouri Sankar Dey 20170960
OLM17CND0458 Mr Goutam Sahu 20170458
OLM17CND0665 Mr Gouttam Mallick 20170665
OLM17CND1574 Mr Govind Kumar 20171574
OLM17CND0668 Mr Rama Chandra Rana 20170668
OLM17CND2472 Mr G Sagar Choudhury 20172472
OLM17CND2135 Mr Gulzarilal Biswas 20172135
OLM17CND0099 Mr Gurukalyan Nayak 20170099
OLM17CND0209 Mr Gyanjit Satapathy 20170209
OLM17CND2474 Mr Abhilash Mahakur 20172474
OLM17CND0841 Mr Himansu Samal 20170841
OLM17CND0277 Mr Biswajeet Bhatta 20170277
OLM17CND0949 Mrs Harapriya Nayak 20170949
OLM17CND2034 Mrs Jaba Varadwaj 20172034
OLM17CND2120 Mr Harmohan Sahoo 20172120
OLM17CND2392 Mr Samir Kumar Mahapatro 20172392
OLM17CND0044 Mr Prasenjit Chatterjee 20170044
OLM17CND0041 Mr Prasenjit Chatterjee 20170041
OLM17CND1798 Mrs Hemangini Dehury 20171798
OLM17CND1959 Mrs Haimabati Ojha 20171959
OLM17CND1012 Ms Hiranmayee Pradhan 20171012
OLM17CND0727 Mr Hitansu Kumar Sahoo 20170727
OLM17CND1736 Ms Rubi Hota 20171736
OLM17CND1324 Mr Imran Khan 20171324
OLM17CND2153 Ms Ipsita Ray 20172153
OLM17CND2314 Ms Ipsita Dey 20172314
OLM17CND1797 Ms Ipsita Ray 20171797
OLM17CND2298 Mr Iqbal Khan 20172298
OLM17CND1243 Mr Iswar Padhan 20171243
OLM17CND0556 Mr Itikanta Panda 20170556
OLM17CND0955 Mr Chetan Mohanty 20170955
OLM17CND0696 Mrs Ipsita Dash 20170696
OLM17CND1015 Mr Janaki Ballava Mishra 20171015
OLM17CND1332 Mr Jagadishwar Dey 20171332
OLM17CND1205 Mr Jagamohan Parida 20171205
OLM17CND0419 Mr Jagat Narayan Darwan 20170419
OLM17CND1445 Mrs Jasmini Pati 20171445
OLM17CND0329 Mr Vaibhav Pandey 20170329
OLM17CND1659 Ms Jayashree Mahapatra 20171659
OLM17CND1716 Mr Soumya Kanta Jena 20171716
OLM17CND0827 Mr J.Giri Prasad Dora 20170827
OLM17CND1232 Mr Prakash Kumar Jha 20171232
OLM17CND0305 Mr Satyabrata Nayak 20170305
OLM17CND2057 Mr Jitendra Kumar Swain 20172057
OLM17CND2095 Mr Jnanajit Barik 20172095
OLM17CND0589 Mr Jnanendra Pradhan 20170589
OLM17CND1655 Mr Jonis Das 20171655
OLM17CND2395 Mrs Jyotshnarani Panda 20172395
OLM17CND1187 Mr Joy Dev Dutta 20171187
OLM17CND2414 Mr J. Padmanav Rao 20172414
OLM17CND1765 Mr Arun Maharana 20171765
OLM17CND1606 Mr Jagmohan Pattnaik 20171606
OLM17CND1257 Mr Jyoti Ranjan Mohapatra 20171257
OLM17CND1401 Mr Jyoti Ranjan Barik 20171401
OLM17CND1667 Mr Jyoti Ranjan Das 20171667
OLM17CND0687 Mr Jyotisankar Behera 20170687
OLM17CND2593 Mr Krutibash Mallick 20172593
OLM17CND0094 Mr Kalu Charan Rana 20170094
OLM17CND0912 Mr Masupatri Shankar Reddy 20170912
OLM17CND1252 Mr Kalyan Kumar Sahu 20171252
OLM17CND2091 Mr Kalyan Kumar Lima 20172091
OLM17CND1662 Mr Kanakaraju Battula 20171662
OLM17CND1183 Mr Kanhu Charan Mohanty 20171183
OLM17CND0995 Mr Kapileswar Mahapatra 20170995
OLM17CND1087 Mr Purna Chandra Kar 20171087
OLM17CND1200 Mr Debendra Kumar Kar 20171200
OLM17CND1266 Mr Rakesh Kar 20171266
OLM17CND0410 Mr Kartik Medimi 20170410
OLM17CND1932 Mr Kshitish Chandra Bal 20171932
OLM17CND1451 Mr Khageswar Jena 20171451
OLM17CND0907 Mr Ajaya Kumar Khandai 20170907
OLM17CND0560 Mr Dillip Kumar Khuntia 20170560
OLM17CND0718 Ms Simantini Mohanty 20170718
OLM17CND0881 Mr Kiran C S 20170881
OLM17CND0064 Mr Sajit Kumar Kujur 20170064
OLM17CND1520 Mr Kamal Lochan Digal 20171520
OLM17CND1047 Mr Prakash Singh Rathore 20171047
OLM17CND1827 Mr Sandeep Kumar 20171827
OLM17CND2536 Mr Satyendra Kumar 20172536
OLM17CND1442 Mrs Sonali Kuanr 20171442
OLM17CND0996 Mr Kumar Abhishek 20170996
OLM17CND1672 Mr Abhishek Kumar Prateek 20171672
OLM17CND0769 Mr Asit Kumar Sahoo 20170769
OLM17CND2256 Mr Rajiba Kumar Sahu 20172256
OLM17CND2486 Mr Babul Kumar Lakra 20172486
OLM17CND1589 Mr Lal Bahadur 20171589
OLM17CND1727 Mrs Lalty Babismita 20171727
OLM17CND0204 Mr Lalu Prasad Maharana 20170204
OLM17CND0195 Mr Lingaraj Pattanaik 20170195
OLM17CND1710 Mr Himanshu Sekhar Sahoo 20171710
OLM17CND2456 Mr Lambodar Sahoo 20172456
OLM17CND0945 Mr Laxmikanta Pradhan 20170945
OLM17CND0822 Ms Liza Mishra 20170822
OLM17CND0445 Ms Liza Bariha 20170445
OLM17CND1660 Mrs Lopamudra Mohanty 20171660
OLM17CND0695 Mr Chandan Kumar Sahoo 20170695
OLM17CND2201 Ms Madhusmita Kumari Bhagat 20172201
OLM17CND2385 Mrs Madhusmita Sahoo 20172385
OLM17CND0399 Mr Bibhu Sankar Mahapatra 20170399
OLM17CND1775 Mr Tarun Mahali 20171775
OLM17CND1847 Mr Tarun Kumar Malik 20171847
OLM17CND0785 Mr Ashok Kumar 20170785
OLM17CND2140 Mr Arun Agrawal 20172140
OLM17CND1114 Mr Trinath Kabir Chandra Patra 20171114
OLM17CND1858 Mr Tofan Kumar Jena 20171858
OLM17CND2016 Mr Tofan Das 20172016
OLM17CND1311 Mr Trailokyanath Behera 20171311
OLM17CND0801 Mr Trailokya Kumar Mishra 20170801
OLM17CND0706 Mr Subhasis Tripathy 20170706
OLM17CND0613 Mr Tripurari Dutta 20170613
OLM17CND1600 Mr Trupti Ranjan Balabantaray 20171600
OLM17CND1184 Mr Trupti Ranjan Dash 20171184
OLM17CND0125 Mr Tusar Kanta Panigrahi 20170125
OLM17CND1886 Mr Tushar Ranjan Parida 20171886
OLM17CND1786 Mrs Ujata Das 20171786
OLM17CND1917 Mr Upendra Sahu 20171917
OLM17CND0217 Mr V Rajesh 20170217
OLM17CND0257 Mr Sunil Kumar Verma 20170257
OLM17CND1180 Mr V Vibhu Krishna 20171180
OLM17CND1806 Mr Pratap Kumar Sethy 20171806
OLM17CND1459 Mr Saurav Anand 20171459
OLM17CND1671 Mr Saroj Ekka 20171671
Candidate Code Candidate Name Roll No.
OLM17CND2657 Mr Mukesh Kumar Behera 20172657
OLM17CND2301 Mr Akash Chandra Baboo 20172301
OLM17CND0071 Mr Ashwini Kumar Das 20170071
OLM17CND2271 Mr Alok Kumar Mishra 20172271
OLM17CND0953 Mr Aditya Ranjan Mishra 20170953
OLM17CND0864 Mr Anjan Kumar Mallick 20170864
OLM17CND2062 Mr Anup Kumar Mishra 20172062
OLM17CND0586 Mrs Aparna Samantaray 20170586
OLM17CND2251 Mr Arindam Maity 20172251
OLM17CND1336 Mr Badri Prasad Mahapatra 20171336
OLM17CND1853 Mrs Bani Mahapatra 20171853
OLM17CND2415 Mr Devasis Biswal 20172415
OLM17CND0228 Mr Bhagirathi Sahu 20170228
OLM17CND2130 Mr Bibeka Ranjan Behuria 20172130
OLM17CND2344 Mr Bibhu Prasad Behura 20172344
OLM17CND2500 Mr Bibhuti Bhusan Satpathy 20172500
OLM17CND2224 Mr Bira Narayan Bikram Keshari Jena 20172224
OLM17CND0493 Mr Baidyanath Rout 20170493
OLM17CND1760 Mr Biswajit Chau Pattanaik 20171760
OLM17CND1156 Mr Dibya Ranjan Das 20171156
OLM17CND1345 Mr Chinmaya Kumar Singh 20171345
OLM17CND0404 Mr Chitta Ranjan Mohanty 20170404
OLM17CND0442 Mr Damodar Mishra 20170442
OLM17CND2466 Mr Bibhu Kalyan Das 20172466
OLM17CND2101 Mrs Amrita Das 20172101
OLM17CND2541 Mr Debi Prasad Nayak 20172541
OLM17CND0289 Mr Devi Prasad Mahapatra 20170289
OLM17CND0884 Mr Dharmesh Kumar Singh 20170884
OLM17CND0956 Mr Dillip Kumar Sahu 20170956
OLM17CND1571 Mr Sasanka Kumar Dixit 20171571
OLM17CND0759 Mr Dyutiraj Jagadananda Nayak 20170759
OLM17CND2268 Mr Gagan Bihari Panda 20172268
OLM17CND0109 Mr Goutam Kumar Mohanty 20170109
OLM17CND0364 Mr Goutam Kumar Mohanty 20170364
OLM17CND1066 Mr G. Prasanta Kumar Reddy 20171066
OLM17CND0981 Mr Girija Shankar Dash 20170981
OLM17CND2375 Mr Gyanendra Kumar Sahu 20172375
OLM17CND1528 Mr Hemanta Kumar Dash 20171528
OLM17CND1144 Mr Hemanta Kumar Pradhan 20171144
OLM17CND2457 Mrs Rojalin Pradhan 20172457
OLM17CND2512 Mrs Ishanee Preetinanda 20172512
OLM17CND1242 Mr Jagannath Sahoo 20171242
OLM17CND1186 Mr Jyoti Prakash Mohapatra 20171186
OLM17CND1636 Mr Jhasketan Seth 20171636
OLM17CND2613 Ms Jhimki Kar 20172613
OLM17CND1558 Mr Jitendra Pati 20171558
OLM17CND1198 Mr Jyoti Krushna Panda 20171198
OLM17CND0982 Mr Jayashree Mohanty 20170982
OLM17CND1728 Mr Jyoti Shankar Biswal 20171728
OLM17CND2533 Mrs Jyotsnamayee Rout 20172533
OLM17CND2601 Mr Kailash Chandra Mohanty 20172601
OLM17CND1764 Mrs Kalyani Sen 20171764
OLM17CND1814 Mr Kartika Chandra Nayak 20171814
OLM17CND2249 Mr Biraja Kinkar Mohanty 20172249
OLM17CND2589 Mr Kishor Kumar Rout 20172589
OLM17CND2398 Mr Kshitish Chandra Mohapatra 20172398
OLM17CND0088 Mr Kulamani Mohapatra 20170088
OLM17CND1719 Mr Aruna Kumar Behera 20171719
OLM17CND1161 Mr Madan Mohan Mohanty 20171161
OLM17CND2361 Mrs Madhuchanda Mohanty 20172361
OLM17CND2647 Mrs Mahendra Kumar Swain 20172647
OLM17CND2263 Mrs Mamata Sahu 20172263
OLM17CND2166 Mr Manas Ranjan Mishra 20172166
OLM17CND1604 Mr Manas Ranjan Das 20171604
OLM17CND2547 Mr Mihir Kumar Rout 20172547
OLM17CND0664 Mr Nrushinha Raj Patro 20170664
OLM17CND0644 Mrs Kumudini Mishra 20170644
OLM17CND1420 Mr Prasanta Kumar Sahoo 20171420
OLM17CND0468 Mrs Madhusmita Sahu 20170468
OLM17CND0572 Mr Manoranjan Sahoo 20170572
OLM17CND2633 Mr Pradeep Kumar Muduli 20172633
OLM17CND0787 Mr Muralidhar Swain 20170787
OLM17CND1457 Mrs Niroj Nalini Jena 20171457
OLM17CND1738 Mr Nihar Kanta Sahoo 20171738
OLM17CND1318 Mrs Nivedita Narula 20171318
OLM17CND1808 Mr Nutan Kumar Rout 20171808
OLM17CND1582 Mrs Pallavi Pattnaik 20171582
OLM17CND2658 Mr Niranjan Panda 20172658
OLM17CND1070 Mr Pankaj Kumar 20171070
OLM17CND0503 Mr Saumya Ranjan Patra 20170503
OLM17CND0898 Mr Prakash Kumar Patra 20170898
OLM17CND0580 Mr Prakash Chandra Sukla 20170580
OLM17CND0351 Mr Durga Prasad Mohapatra 20170351
OLM17CND0282 Mr Prabas Kumar Sahoo 20170282
OLM17CND2011 Mr Prabhas Chandra Bishi 20172011
OLM17CND0901 Mr Pradeep Kumar Chakravarty 20170901
OLM17CND1143 Mr Pradosh Mishra 20171143
OLM17CND1069 Mr Pradosh Kumar Satapathy 20171069
OLM17CND2495 Mr Prakash Sethy 20172495
OLM17CND1104 Dr Pranaba Nanda Das 20171104
OLM17CND1965 Mr Pranaya Kumar Mishra 20171965
OLM17CND0649 Mr Prasanna Kumar Nayak 20170649
OLM17CND0567 Mr Pratyush Kumar Choudhury 20170567
OLM17CND1746 Mrs Pramodini Behera 20171746
OLM17CND1508 Mrs Puspalata Pani 20171508
OLM17CND1993 Mr Rabi Prasad Mishra 20171993
OLM17CND1841 Mr Rabindra Kumar Nahak 20171841
OLM17CND2548 Mr Radhashyam Mishra 20172548
OLM17CND0748 Mr Rajendra Kumar Pattnayak 20170748
OLM17CND2346 Mr Rajesh Chandra Mishra 20172346
OLM17CND1309 Mr Rajesh Haridas Pillai 20171309
OLM17CND2422 Mr Rajib Kumar Dash 20172422
OLM17CND2329 Mr Rama Chandra Behera 20172329
OLM17CND1599 Mr Ranjan Kumar Dash 20171599
OLM17CND1225 Mr Rakesh Ranjan Barik 20171225
OLM17CND2247 Mr Janardan Rout 20172247
OLM17CND0832 Ms Rupali Suresh Ghate 20170832
OLM17CND1548 Dr Saibala Parida 20171548
OLM17CND2431 Mr Nihar Ranjan Samal 20172431
OLM17CND0242 Mr Sandeep Mohapatra 20170242
OLM17CND1871 Mr Sanjaya Kumar Patro 20171871
OLM17CND0692 Ms Sanjukta Rani Dash 20170692
OLM17CND2532 Mr Santanu Kumar Sahoo 20172532
OLM17CND2570 Dr Santi Swarup Misra 20172570
OLM17CND1436 Mr Gyana Ranjan Sarangi 20171436
OLM17CND1779 Mr Sarat Chandra Patra 20171779
OLM17CND0451 Ms Sarika Mohanty 20170451
OLM17CND1531 Mr Saroj Kumar Sahoo 20171531
OLM17CND0972 Dr Saroj Mohan Palo 20170972
OLM17CND1974 Mr Sasank Sekhar Patro 20171974
OLM17CND0850 Mrs Sasmita Swain 20170850
OLM17CND2001 Mrs Sasmita Dash 20172001
OLM17CND1437 Mr Satyajit Pratihari 20171437
OLM17CND2275 Mr Saujanendra Swain 20172275
OLM17CND0255 Mr Sayed Gulam Gous 20170255
OLM17CND1963 Mr Subrat Behera 20171963
OLM17CND1165 Mr Subhasish Chaki 20171165
OLM17CND1750 Ms Sarojini Sahoo 20171750
OLM17CND1456 Mr Shishir Kumar Sarangi 20171456
OLM17CND0250 Mr Shreenibas Behera 20170250
OLM17CND0447 Mr Shuvendu Mendali 20170447
OLM17CND0869 Mr Sibabrata Palsarma 20170869
OLM17CND1028 Mr Siba Prasad Sahu 20171028
OLM17CND1315 Mr Sishir Kumar Pani 20171315
OLM17CND0681 Mr Sisir Kumar Swain 20170681
OLM17CND1999 Mrs Snehalata Parida 20171999
OLM17CND0591 Mr Sougat Mohapatra 20170591
OLM17CND2272 Mr Soumendra Choudhury 20172272
OLM17CND0191 Mr Sanjay Kumar Rout 20170191
OLM17CND1773 Mr Subrat Kumar Pradhan 20171773
OLM17CND0147 Mr Sudhakar Pati 20170147
OLM17CND2258 Mr Sunil Chandra Roy 20172258
OLM17CND2299 Mr Sushant Kumar Mohanty 20172299
OLM17CND2191 Mrs Jayanti Sutar 20172191
OLM17CND2144 Mr Swadesh Kumar Biswal 20172144
OLM17CND0425 Mr Nihar Ranjan Swain 20170425
OLM17CND1440 Mr Susil Kumar Swain 20171440
OLM17CND1872 Ms Swomya Ranjan Nayak 20171872
OLM17CND2236 Mr Tanmaya Mohanty 20172236
OLM17CND1029 Mr Tapan Nayak 20171029
OLM17CND1742 Mrs Tapaswini Lenka 20171742
OLM17CND1834 Mr Prasanta Kumar Das 20171834
Candidate Code Candidate Name Roll No.
OLM17CND2353 Mr Kaustav Krishna Datta 20172353
OLM17CND2107 Mr Abhijit Mohapatra 20172107
OLM17CND2143 Mr Abhilash Rath 20172143
OLM17CND0267 Mr Akash Kumar Pattanayak 20170267
OLM17CND0065 Mr Ambar Nath Jena 20170065
OLM17CND0046 Mr Amit Kumar Giri 20170046
OLM17CND1098 Ms Amrita Mohanty 20171098
OLM17CND0522 Mr Ansuman Babu 20170522
OLM17CND0622 Mrs Anuswya Pradhan 20170622
OLM17CND1148 Ms Arijita Ashok Sen 20171148
OLM17CND2136 Mr Anirudha Sethy 20172136
OLM17CND1817 Mr Ashok Kumar Swain 20171817
OLM17CND0146 Mr Asish Kumar Roul 20170146
OLM17CND1000 Mr Swarup Ranjan Nayak 20171000
OLM17CND0414 Mr Basanta Kumar Panigrahi 20170414
OLM17CND2323 Mr Abinash Beura 20172323
OLM17CND2242 Mr Himansu Sekhar Bhadra 20172242
OLM17CND2183 Mr Bhanu Prakash Swain 20172183
OLM17CND1836 Mr Bibhu Santosh Behera 20171836
OLM17CND2290 Mr Bibhuti Sahu 20172290
OLM17CND0265 Mr Bipin Chandra Mohapatra 20170265
OLM17CND0921 Mr Biswaprakash Das 20170921
OLM17CND1273 Mr Abhijit Burma 20171273
OLM17CND1394 Ms Cetana Das 20171394
OLM17CND2524 Mr Chinmaya Rath 20172524
OLM17CND0877 Mr Santosh Kumar Dakua 20170877
OLM17CND0851 Mr Santosh Kumar Dakua 20170851
OLM17CND1045 Mr Satyabrat Das 20171045
OLM17CND2115 Mrs Amrita Das 20172115
OLM17CND2620 Mrs Bhakti Puspanjali Dash 20172620
OLM17CND1475 Mrs Sandhya Rani Dash 20171475
OLM17CND0966 Mr Debadatta Acharya 20170966
OLM17CND0502 Mr Debadatt Pradhan 20170502
OLM17CND0157 Mr Debasish Jena 20170157
OLM17CND1202 Mrs Deepika Ray 20171202
OLM17CND1378 Mr Dileep Kumar Tiwari 20171378
OLM17CND1793 Ms Diptimayee Rout 20171793
OLM17CND0538 Mr Durgashish Pattanaik 20170538
OLM17CND0599 Mr Durgaprasad Acharya 20170599
OLM17CND0936 Mr Gopinath Dutta 20170936
OLM17CND2615 Mrs Snigdharani Behera 20172615
OLM17CND2289 Mr Iqbal Khan 20172289
OLM17CND2555 Mrs Ishanee Preetinanda 20172555
OLM17CND0529 Ms Itishree Singh Rathaur 20170529
OLM17CND0585 Mr J.Giri Prasad Dora 20170585
OLM17CND0129 Mr Jyoti Ranjan Nayak 20170129
OLM17CND1461 Mrs Jnanadarsi Sahoo 20171461
OLM17CND0494 Mr Jnyanendra Sethi 20170494
OLM17CND0700 Mr Jyoti Prakash Naik 20170700
OLM17CND1322 Mrs Kalyani Sen 20171322
OLM17CND1981 Mr Kalyan Kumar Lima 20171981
OLM17CND1254 Mr Rakesh Kar 20171254
OLM17CND0456 Mr Dillip Kumar Khuntia 20170456
OLM17CND1693 Mr Kirti Kumar Nayak 20171693
OLM17CND1620 Mrs Lalty Babismita 20171620
OLM17CND1372 Mr Madan Mohan Mohanty 20171372
OLM17CND0392 Mr Bibhu Sankar Mahapatra 20170392
OLM17CND1402 Mr Mahesh Prasad Hotta 20171402
OLM17CND2509 Ms Mamata Rani Barick 20172509
OLM17CND0640 Mr Manish Chandra Roy 20170640
OLM17CND1241 Ms Manojna Swain 20171241
OLM17CND0766 Mr Durgesh Kumar Satpathy 20170766
OLM17CND1379 Ms Meenakshi Chhatoi 20171379
OLM17CND0516 Ms Sonia Minz 20170516
OLM17CND0734 Mrs Simple Sujata Mishra 20170734
OLM17CND1385 Mrs Anuradha Mohanty 20171385
OLM17CND2590 Mrs Moonmoon Brahma 20172590
OLM17CND1641 Mr Narayana Sahu 20171641
OLM17CND1704 Mr Bibhuti Bhusan Nayak 20171704
OLM17CND1341 Mrs Nibedita Giri 20171341
OLM17CND0481 Mr Pradeep Kumar Sahoo 20170481
OLM17CND2155 Ms Nibedita Panda 20172155
OLM17CND1864 Mr Pravat Dash 20171864
OLM17CND2588 Mr Madhusudan Pradhan 20172588
OLM17CND0534 Mr Pradipta Kumar Mishra 20170534
OLM17CND0662 Mr Pranab Ranjan Sahoo 20170662
OLM17CND1522 Mr Prajwal Prasanjeet 20171522
OLM17CND1860 Mr Priyadarsi Routray 20171860
OLM17CND2556 Mr Punyakam Das 20172556
OLM17CND1939 Ms Purnima Khuntia 20171939
OLM17CND0624 Mr Abhishek Purohit 20170624
OLM17CND0293 Mr Kunwar Rajal Arora 20170293
OLM17CND0685 Mrs Rajashree Mishra 20170685
OLM17CND2216 Mr Rajat Satpathy 20172216
OLM17CND0362 Mr Rajesh Kumar Lenka 20170362
OLM17CND2077 Mr Rakesh Kumar Podha 20172077
OLM17CND1431 Mr Ramapada Dash 20171431
OLM17CND2384 Mr Randhir Kumar 20172384
OLM17CND2369 Mrs Rasmita Panda 20172369
OLM17CND1053 Mr Swastik Mishra 20171053
OLM17CND0725 Mr Satyabrata Dash 20170725
OLM17CND0461 Ms Rajani Singh 20170461
OLM17CND1117 Mr Rajiba Lochan Mohanty 20171117
OLM17CND0330 Mrs Rupsita Mishra 20170330
OLM17CND1663 Mr Ruturaj Bag 20171663
OLM17CND2483 Mrs Puspanjali Sarangi 20172483
OLM17CND1903 Mr Sunil Kumar Sahu 20171903
OLM17CND1515 Mr Saswat Kumar Sahoo 20171515
OLM17CND2131 Ms Sandhya Rani Samal 20172131
OLM17CND2577 Mr Samir Kumar Sahu 20172577
OLM17CND2653 Mr Samir Kumar Das 20172653
OLM17CND0259 Mr Samir Kumar Barik 20170259
OLM17CND0895 Mr Sangram Kumar Nayak 20170895
OLM17CND1055 Mr Saroj Kumar Patra 20171055
OLM17CND0272 Mrs Saswati Rout 20170272
OLM17CND1166 Mr Satyapriya 20171166
OLM17CND0089 Mr Saurendra Prasad Geru 20170089
OLM17CND2177 Mrs S Swagatika 20172177
OLM17CND2482 Mr Shakti Prasad Behera 20172482
OLM17CND0381 Mr Shakti Prasad Mishra 20170381
OLM17CND0423 Mrs Shwetaleena Das 20170423
OLM17CND1815 Mr Sibabrata Palsarma 20171815
OLM17CND0045 Mr Siddhartha Sankar Pattanayak 20170045
OLM17CND0562 Mrs Silla Pattanayak 20170562
OLM17CND1138 Mr Mihir Ranjan Nayak 20171138
OLM17CND1611 Ms Sonali Majumdar 20171611
OLM17CND1209 Mr Soumya Ranjan Khatua 20171209
OLM17CND2162 Mr Parthasarathi Mohanty 20172162
OLM17CND2460 Ms Sthitaprajna Swain 20172460
OLM17CND0834 Ms Subhalaxmi Sahoo 20170834
OLM17CND2515 Ms Sucheta Panda 20172515
OLM17CND0606 Mr Suchit Prasanna 20170606
OLM17CND2430 Mr Sudarsan Behera 20172430
OLM17CND1686 Mrs Sujata Mallick 20171686
OLM17CND1471 Mr Sukanta Dash 20171471
OLM17CND1596 Mr Sumanta Kumar Pandey 20171596
OLM17CND1025 Mr Sunil Kumar Jena 20171025
OLM17CND2319 Mr Suprim Kumar Swain 20172319
OLM17CND1980 Mr Suresh Kumar Samal 20171980
OLM17CND2502 Ms Linet Surin 20172502
OLM17CND1945 Mr Sushanta Kumar Panda 20171945
OLM17CND1675 Mr Ansuman Mohanty 20171675
OLM17CND0295 Mr Debasish Swapnesh Kumar Nayak 20170295
OLM17CND0076 Mr Swarup Ranjan Lenka 20170076
OLM17CND1986 Mr Tanmaya Kumar Nayak 20171986
OLM17CND0545 Mr Tapan Kumar Padhi 20170545
OLM17CND0711 Mrs Tapaswini Swain 20170711
OLM17CND0082 Mr Ashok Kumar 20170082
OLM17CND2068 Mr Tofan Kumar Jena 20172068
OLM17CND1780 Mrs Ujata Das 20171780
OLM17CND1676 Mr Saroj Ekka 20171676


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